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The Paganhill Maypole is maintained wholly from donations from local people and the fund raising activities of the committee of the Paganhill Maypole Society

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The village of Paganhill  has been known over the centuries by different names:

            (from Paganus of the Old French - The Heathen)

The maypole at Paganhill near Stroud in Gloucestershire has caused much interest and fascination over the years. It has received mention in works of historical reference, gazetteers, travel guides and other publications, relating to the county, over several centuries. It is believed that some of the poles in the village have been the tallest unsupported such structures in the land.

The Paganhill Maypole is also something of a rarity, with few maypoles of its size having survived.

Over the centuries it has, at frequent intervals, been lovingly repainted and restored - a token of the esteem in which it has been held by generations of those living nearby.

The current maypole has moved away from the traditional larch pole to the more durable medium of fibreglass.

Paganhill Maypole location

On a larger map you will find the Maypole at the junction of Stratford Road, Farmhill Lane and Ruscombe Road, positioned on a triangular shaped road island.


c. 1192 (Rotuli Litterarum Clausarum)


c. 1218 (R.L.C.)


c. 1287 (Glos. Assize Court Rolls)


c. 1377 (Public Works in Medieval Law)


c. 1549 (Glos. Feet of Fines)


c. 1574 (Cbs F. F.)


c. 1631 (Glos. Inq. post mortem)


c. 1639 (Glos. Inq. post mortem)


c. 1641 (17. Charles I)


c. 1879 (P H Fisher - N & R of S)

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